I support the November 2018 referendum to renew the existing Arts Tax when it expires and fully believe that the arts and culture enhance our daily lives and foster connections among neighbors.

We must

  • Attract business
  • Create more interesting and welcoming public spaces 
  • Increase community engagement

I support reliable, accessible public transportation. Public transit enhances our quality of life and provides expanded opportunity for our residents.

We must

  • Continue the expansion of Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant sidewalks
  • Continue funding for light rail and street car to increase connectivity
  • Maximize bus-route accessibility to residents and students

The Arts


 Adams For Tempe:  Smart Budget, Smart Sustainability, Smart Choice!

City Finances = Smart Budget

Among my strengths is my budgeting knowledge. In my last assignment at the city, I managed a $7.5 million operating budget and up to $5 million for the annual capital budget. Among my concerns is that recent Councils have been less hands-on with the budget process. I believe Tempe staff are both capable and smart, but managing the city’s purse strings is the most important responsibility of the City Council—and an area where I can contribute my expertise and maximize scarce resources.  

Big-picture thinking also motivates me. Rather than concentrate on a to-do checklist, I believe the Tempe City Council should implement a strategic plan based on resident input regarding top priorities for the city. City performance goals are then readily measurable and course correction can occur routinely under Council direction.  

In 2016, I was both humbled and delighted when chosen as the Most Motivating Supervisor by my fellow supervisors and employees. I believe my advocacy and counseling background is a contributor to the success I have enjoyed as a supervisor and manager. This skill set will enable me to effectively partner with other council members in the pursuit of strategic goals. In sum, I am a mediator, a team builder, and an effective, positive leader.

Infrastructure = Smart Sustainability

For 11 years, I was a manager in Tempe Public Works, and for several of those years, I was Deputy Public Works Director. As a long-term manager for city services, I understand the importance of maintaining our roads and support a solid pavement management program. One of the City Council's top legislative agenda priorities should be to lobby the state legislature to discontinue sweeping dollars from the Highway User Revenue Fund to balance the state's budget. These dollars are derived from taxes and fees specifically dedicated to the development and maintenance of streets and roadways and have always been distributed to Arizona cities and towns. Tempe should also work with the Arizona League of Cities and Towns to demand the restoration of these funds as intended.

I also served as president of the Arizona Public Works Association (APWA), served as Committee Chair for the National APWA diversity committee, and founded the organization’s Young Professionals Network, which is now a national group.  Additionally, I served with the North American Center for Sustainability and am Envision certified by the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure.

Tempe’s water infrastructure, as evidenced by recent Arizona Department of Environmental Quality violations,  also needs attention. As your councilmember, I will promote repair and replacement of our infrastructure, as I know it is more affordable to conduct preventative maintenance than waiting for failure. Smart use of city funds is needed to maintain such a program. Maintenance and repair of the city's infrastructure should always be a top budget priority.

Small Businesses = Smart Choice for Friendly Neighborhoods

I am a champion for small businesses and believe they are the backbone of our neighborhoods in Tempe. What better place to gather and visit with your neighbors than at the local coffee bar or bagel shop? Or perhaps you run into your child’s teacher at the hair salon and have an impromptu catch-up on school performance? Maybe your teen can get a summer job at the corner pizzeria or café?  

Indeed, these small businesses contribute a great deal to the fabric of our community. Small businesses are mainstays of 
important goods, services, and restaurants that contribute to the quality of life where Tempe residents live. Increasingly, some local businesses are becoming “the place where everybody knows your name,” which promotes a safer and friendlier neighborhood. Profits increase too, as satisfied locals recommend such businesses to others. Residents can also enjoy the quality products and personalized service that comes with a sense of community. 

By working with our strip-center owners and with our sign ordinance team at the city, I believe some concessions can be made that could enhance the visibility of some shopping centers in Tempe. Better visibility can only lead to more and better foot traffic and sales. Let’s join forces to recognize these businesses for the community assets they are and help them thrive and grow!


Public Space and Recreation
I want to work with Tempe’s Parks and Recreation Department to ensure that all residents have access to public spaces to maintain healthy lifestyles.

​Investing in parks and recreation will

  • Attract tourist dollars
  • Increase property values
  • Provide public park amenities
  • Provide vital public health and recreation opportunities for all citizens and families

Public ​Space/


I support quality, affordable education for all. Great schools are essential for strong communities, a strong economy, and a prosperous future.  

We must

  • Develop and enhance lifelong adult learning programs
  • Partner with Tempe school districts

Social Justice / Underserved Communities  
We must

  • Coordinate and communicate available services for elderly people and people with disabilities
  • Consider processes and cost for strategies to assist people who are experiencing homelessness
  • Develop an affordable housing policy and strategy
  • Identify and promote substance-abuse programs
  • Work with appropriate agencies and schools to minimize food insecurity

I was part of the diversity steering committee during my tenure at the city. Diversity leads to better decisions and innovation in every setting.

We must

  • Advocate for community members of diverse backgrounds
  • Promote equal pay
  • Recognize the link between diversity and economic growth as businesses choose Tempe because of our policies