Adams For Tempe:  Smart Budget, Smart Sustainability, Smart Choice!


The Tempe Chamber of Commerce announced its endorsements of the most business-friendly candidates for the upcoming City Council election. The Tempe Chamber is endorsing Jennifer Adams for the Tempe City Council.  Read more: 

"We are fortunate to have a contender like Jennifer in the running for Tempe City Council. Her bright vision for the future, experience in both community services and public works, as well as her ability to balance sustainability with financial accountability make her a well rounded and well-qualified candidate." 

Kathy Berzins, Community Services Director, 2009-13

Many thanks to Four Peaks owner
​Jim Scussel for his endorsement. Tempe is definitely a better place having Four Peaks Brewing in business!

"One of a city council member's most important responsibilities is oversight of public finances.  Jennifer's financial experience at the city makes her uniquely positioned to serve Tempe stakeholders, especially since she states it as a goal. That gets my vote!​"

Pam Goronkin, former Tempe City Councilmember

Thanks to Sacred Pi owner Daniel Pawenski for his support and delicious offerings!

Residents Endorse Jennifer Adams

Small-Business Owners Support Jennifer Adams

"I am supporting Jennifer Adams for one of the seats on the Tempe City Council. I want to see a candidate who has decades of experience working for the city, seeing firsthand how it has grown and knowing how the city budget works to get the most out of our tax dollars. She’ll concentrate on funding core city projects that citizens have been clamoring for like improving streets and infrastructure, parks and neighborhoods. She has shown a knack for working on the nitty-gritty stuff that might not make headlines but will make living in Tempe the best it can be. Please join me in electing Jennifer Adams for Tempe City Council."

Phil Amorosi, former City of Tempe Council candidate