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 Adams For Tempe:  Smart Budget, Smart Sustainability, Smart Choice!

 Adams For Tempe:  Smart for the Budget, Smart on Sustainability and a Smart Choice for your neighborhood!

Having recently retired as a 29-year veteran of City of Tempe staff, I had roles in social services, public works, and was most recently facility maintenance manager in Internal Services. Lots of mayors and councils have come and gone during my tenure at the city, but one thing never changes: my love for Tempe and my dedication to making it a great place to live.

Over the last 20 weeks, I have knocked on over 6,000 doors, introduced myself to neighbors, and shared my aspiration to represent Tempe residents on the City Council. Yes, it has been HOT … but I come from sturdy stock, having grown up in a farming community in Nebraska where hard work always pays off. Serving my community comes naturally! I have both the experience and the skill set to serve Tempe well. Now that I am retired, I am excited to begin a new chapter sharing my love of community and contributing my hard-won experience to the City Council.

Among my strengths is my budgeting knowledge. In my last assignment at the City of Tempe, I expertly managed a $7.5 million operating budget and a $1–5 million annual capital budget. Among my concerns for Tempe is that recent Councils have been less hands-on with the budget process. I believe that Tempe staff are both capable and smart, but managing the city’s purse strings is the most important responsibility of the City Council and an area where I can bring my expertise to bear.

I’m also a big-picture thinker. Rather than concentrate on a to-do checklist, I believe the Tempe City Council should implement a strategic plan based on resident input regarding top priorities for the city. Staff accountability is then readily measurable, and course correction can occur routinely under Council direction.  

I was both humbled and delighted when in 2016 I was named Most Motivating Supervisor by my fellow supervisors and employees at the City of Tempe. I believe my advocacy and counseling background contributed to the success I enjoyed as a supervisor and manager. I know that experience will enable me to effectively partner with other council members and citizens in pursuit of our strategic goals.

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Arizona Chapter of American Public Works was awarded the PACE award for chapter excellence in 2017.

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