Jennifer worked for the City of Tempe for nearly 30 years. While at the city, she was employed in a variety of leadership positions, including Social Worker for the Community Services Department. Jennifer was asked by then-City Manager Will Manley to transfer to the Public Works department, where she assisted in organizational development and training programs to improve the work climate following a discrimination lawsuit against the city. Jennifer went on to become Deputy Director of Public Works before finishing her career as Facilities Maintenance Manager, where she managed a $7.5 million operating budget, up to $5 million of construction projects each year and nearly 60 employees.

Jennifer’s multifaceted experience at the city provides her with a global understanding of both the operations of the city and the distinctive needs of the community. She has the technical knowledge of the operating systems of the city, knows how to implement new programs and services, and has a keen knowledge of the city’s infrastructure and its needs. This, combined with her knowledge of the city’s policies and ordinances, makes her uniquely qualified to represent you on the Tempe City Council.

​Jennifer earned her master's in social work from Arizona State University (go Sun Devils!) and her bachelor's in social work from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 


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"One of a city council member's most important responsibilities is oversight of public finances.  Jennifer's financial experience at the city makes her uniquely positioned to serve Tempe stakeholders, especially 
since she states it as a goal. That gets my vote!​"
​ Pam Goronkin, former Tempe City Councilmember

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For City Council in Tempe.
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As her career with the city began winding down, Jennifer’s desire to run for the Tempe City Council grew. Her family background, passion, commitment and extensive knowledge of the city’s processes make her an excellent fit for the City Council.

Her goals while in office will be to

  • empower neighborhood participation in decision-making processes,
  • promote small businesses to enhance a sense of community, and
  • support much-needed infrastructure improvements in a sustainable and fiscally responsible manner.

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In addition to her work at the city, Jennifer has served in several volunteer positions that benefit the Tempe community, including President of the Tempe Employee’s Council; Vice President of the Tempe Supervisors Association; Committee Chair of the Buena Vista Ranchos Homeowners Association; Block Watch Captain for the Tempe Police Department; President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Director, and National Diversity Chair of the Arizona Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA); and a National Member of the Center of Sustainability.

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